Jodi Boone

I first began working with Virtual Native in 2005, and over the past 11 years, I’ve never had the desire to work with any other web design company. I am self-employed, and have worked with Virtual Native to design several different websites for me, for my different offerings, including and Because of the beautiful design work, I have had countless people ask me, “Who designed your website?” Many of my friends and colleagues have also had their websites designed by Virtual Native. My main contact is Shanna Snell, who is a gifted designer, provides excellent customer service and is a great communicator. In addition to website design, Shanna is my go-to person for graphic design, including business cards, posters and flyers, advertising my yoga retreats, trainings, massage and workshops. Shanna’s design work is always gorgeous – I have never had to go back-and-forth with Shanna over design drafts. She is so, so talented as a designer and has such an intuitive understanding of what my design needs are in terms of look and feel. She is also a joy to work with. Although I haven’t had the chance to work with Josh, the company’s founder and owner in many years, the initial projects I worked with Virtual Native on were with him in 2005 and 2007, he also did lovely design work and had such integrity in the way he ran his business. Both Shanna and Josh are so dedicated and committed. They make you feel like you’re their only client, with their quick responses to emails and excellent turn around time on projects. It’s amazing. I feel so blessed to have found Virtual Native. They’ve been so key in helping me make my business successful over the years.